Thank you to all our volunteers

I take this opportunity to thank the Multicultural Choir, the Filipino Choir, acolytes and altar servers team, liturgy team, the Parish Council, the parish secretary, the church readers, the Rosary group, St Vincent the Paul Society, cleaners and housekeepers, counters, palm leaf donators, mass co- ordinators, extraordinary ministers of communion, […]

Happy Easter

Christ is risen! He is truly risen! Alleluia, alleluia Christ’s victory over death is the message of the Church for all women and men, regardless of social status, race, colour, or language. Christ our hope is alive! How much pain and suffering exists today in the world, natural calamities and[…..]

Sacramental Program

THE SACRAMENT OF CONFIRMATION will be celebrated at St John of God church on Saturday, 4th June 2022 at 10.00am by the new auxiliary Bishop Most Reverend Danny Megher. Enrolments are open. Classes begin the first week of May. Registration form.HOLY COMMUNION – will be celebrated during 3rd Term. Registration[…..]

Thanksgiving Mass

A Thanksgiving Mass will be celebrated to Almighty God for all blessings we have received during this year. After the joyful celebration of the birth of Jesus the Church invites us to end this year 2021 with gratitude, hope, perseverance, courage and praising God. The mass will begin at 9:15am,[…..]

Pastoral Care, St John of God parish

Remember that you are not alone. If you need the assistance of a priest for Holy Communion, Reconciliation or for a talk you can contact Fr Gustavo. We (the Church) are here for you. Every Tuesday Fr. Gustavo and seminarian Zeljko will be visiting sick people in our community and bringing communion[…..]


Dear volunteers of St John of God parish just to remind you that: Sacramental Coordinators, Sacramental Group Leaders, Catechists in State Schools, Children’s Liturgy Coordinators, Acolytes and Senior Altar Servers, Ministers of the Word/Readers/Lectors, Parish Collectors, Ministers of Communion need to do a Safeguarding Induction Training. You can register to[…..]