Scams warning

Once again, parishes have seen an increase in scams over the COVID-19 lockdown period. Please be vigilant and see below for ways to stay cyber-safe.
In order to minimise exposure to scams, please see below some recommended safety measures that can be considered, if currently not in place at your parish:

  • Email address check when receiving a suspicious email
  • Contact your Parish Priest in the first instance to verify any financial requests
  • Adopt secure password controls & change password regularlyReport spam/junk email (right-click on the email and press “junk” then “block sender“)
  • Remember that no one, in St John of God Auburn parish, is authorised to request in the name of the parish financial support.
  • For any issues, suggestions, donations please contact directly to the Parish Administrator, Fr. Gustavo. (The only donations for the parish are: online, through our official website, and cash, in the church or parish office)