Rosters: 1st Sunday

5:30pm  1ST READER/RESPONSE – Jackie Daniel, 2ND READER/ PRAYERS OF FAITHFUL – Nicole Daniel,  ACOLYTE/SNR SERVER – Robyn Hession, ALTAR SERVER -.   OFFERTORY-   SPECIAL MINISTERS – Nicole Daniel, Michelina Pagano;

8.30am  1ST READER/RSPONSE  Nina Saulekaleka ,   2ND  READER/PRAYERS OF FAITHFUL – Karen Abood,   ACOLYTE/SNR SERVER –   Eli Saulekaleka     ALTAR SERVER –  Joseph Volitilevuka/Nina V;   OFFERTORY  – Mucha Family,  SPECIAL MINISTERS / Mary Kleist.

10.00am  1ST  READER/RESPONSE – Velonika Vakauta, 2ND  READER/PRAYERS OF THE FAITHFUL  Ramona Nahma, Lydia Leslie ACOLYTE/SNR SERVER , ALTAR SERVER  Kaye Alejandro, Jamie Manalaotao,  OFFERTORY – Sarah & Sandra Tu    SPECIAL MINISTERS – Sione Anasi/.Andy Shi,  COMPUTER – Auburn/Parramatta Tongan Choir.

5.30pm  1ST  READER/RESPONSE  – Bernadette Hawthorne, 2ND  Reader/Prayers of Faithful – –      Acolyte/Senior Server – Eileen Baptiste, –  Offertory  —


Rosters: 2nd Sunday

5:30pm 1st READER/RESPONSE –  2nd READER –  ACOLYTE/SENIOR SERVER – Eileen Baptiste, ALTAR SERVER David Medrzejeweski, OFFERTORY – Denise Mackie/Judy Melville, SPECIAL MINISTER – Marian Kelly.

8:30am 1ST READER/RESPONSE Pat Kavanagah– 2nd READER/PRAYERS OF FAITHFUL – Barbara Mucha, ACOLYTE/SENIOR SERVER – Nicole Daniel, ALTAR SERVER Clarissa Adriano/Sophie Mucha, OFFERTORY – Nil, SPECIAL MINISTER –  Mary Kleist.

10:00am 1st READER/RESPONSE  – Tongan Choir, 2nd READER/PRAYERS OF FAITHFUL – , ACOLYTE/SENIOR SERVER – Amato Hehea, ALTAR SERVER Ana Volitilevuka, OFFERTORY – Nina Salekaleka, SPECIAL MINISTER  – Regina Sattrukalsinghe/Sione Anasi


Rosters:  3rd Sunday                                                     

5:30pm  1ST  Reader/Response – Judy Simon, 2ND  Reader/PRAYERS OF FAITHFUL –  Sue Allan,  Acolyte/Senior Server – Tony Allan, Altar Server –David Medrzejeweski , Offertory –.  Special Minister – Marian Kelly

8.30am  1ST  Reader/Response – Barbara Perry, 2ND  Reader/Prayers of Faithful –  Acolyte/Senior Server- Perry Family, Altar Servers – Perry Family   Offertory – Perry Family,  Special Minister – Barbara Mucha

10.00am  1ST  Reader/Response –   Christina Kazzi,   2ND ReaderPRAYERS OF FAITHFUL Gilda Kazzi,  Acolyte/Senior Server  –  Cheston/Radley  La’Porte/Christine Kazzi, OFFERTORY – Maria/Antonio Bonacruz, SPECIAL MINISTER –


Rosters:  4th Sunday           

5:30pm  1ST  Reader/Response                                                                      2ND  Reader / Prayers of Faithful –           Acolyte/Senior Server – Tony Allan,  Altar Server – David Medrzejewski.,   Offertory – Medrzejewski/Attard family,  Special Minister –   Denise Hall

8.30am  1ST  Reader/Response – Jackie Daniel, 2ND  Reader/Prayers of Faithful –,  ACOLYTE/

/Senior Server – Ruben Baluyot, Altar Server –   Daniel children,  Offertory – Bulimairewa Family   Special Minister – Nicole Daniel

10.00am  1ST  Reader/Response – Henry Chow, 2ND  Reader & Prayers of Faithful – Sai Volitilevuka, Acolyte/Senior Server – Elia Saulekaleka, Altar Server –           Offertory –  Malou Mapa/Fe Kemkemian;  Special Minister


Rosters:  5th Sunday

5:30pm   1ST  Reader/Response   2ND  Reader/Prayers of Faithful –     Acolyte/Senior Server – Robyn Hession,   ALTAR SERVERS –     Offertory – Special Minister

8.30am  1ST  Reader/Response  Pat Kavanagh      2ND  Reader/Prayers of Faithful – Marissa R Gutierrez,  Acolyte/Senior Server   Nicole Daniel    Altar Servers  NIL  Offertory – Teresita Conanan  Special Minister

10.00am  1ST  Reader/Response –  Joseph Anasi, 2ND  Reader/ Prayers of Faithful – Dulce Mapa,  Acolyte/Senior Server-    Altar Server –Charbel/Robert Zeidan, ,  Offertory – Nadia/Christian Zeidan,  Special Minister Sione Anasi/Andy Shi